12.05.16 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Names: $ACIA $TSLA $BABA $NVDA

ACIA – Appears to be near 5 waves down on the 3 month chart..looks like a good buy if it retests the 60-62 range..the bump up appears to be 4 up before 5 down at worse..

TSLA – TSLA is trapped in a bizarre sideways to down pattern that’s hard to read, but short term the rally today appears to be at least a 4 up before 5 down and 618 reversal

NVDA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] NVDA has a morning star bottom formation after the fast drop over the past couple days..appears read to breakout into a move to 115

BABA – BABA appears to have completed 5 waves down, and if it has, a 618 retrace would bring it back to the 94 range [/ms-protect-content]