[F.A.N.G.] An Elliott Wave Look At FB AMZN NFLX GOOGL

FB – Big laggard today…NASDAQ going straight up, FB straight down..needs to hold 103.6 or it may retest 98-100 in the coming week..that setup is 1-2-3 down if this is the case..

AMZN – AMZN 618 support is at 655 and it’s been slowly declining for a few days in a row without a reversal…A W2 would hold 655 and rally over 672 to setup an upward 3.

NFLX – NFLX touched the A wave low and is trying to come back in a 4..it does have 382 W4 distance as we speak, but needs to hold 115 and rally over 123 min to get out of this mess.

GOOGL – A break of 775 in GOOGL after an ABC flat would setup an upward 3 to as high as 810-820..has a potential 1-2-3 pattern setting up.


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