[F.A.N.G.] Quick Elliott Wave Look At FB AMZN NFLX GOOGL 12.29.15

FB – FB clearly broke 786 and onto 1.00, which is fractions away..a simple break of 107.6, which is fractions away would setup a 1-2-3 to as high as 114-115 in the coming days or weeks..looks like a no brainer 1-2-3 pattern.

AMZN – AMZN just broke out of a huge Cup and handle W2 into a W3..highest target on this particular breakout would be 745-750 if it travels 1.618 X W1 in a full upward 3..the cup and handle is an extremely powerful formation so it looks strong enough to push to that 750 level.

NFLX – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117″] The rally off the lows looks like 4 up before 5 down in a C wave  zigzag, so it may bottom on the next 5th wave fade and reverse back over 123 in a 618 reversal.

GOOGL – Clear cup and handle W2 before W3 formation that it just broke out of .. based on this powerful reversal formation we may see 1-2-3 to as high 835 in a 1.618 X W1 move. [/ms-protect-content]

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