FB: After 5 waves down and gap down this morning, FB is approaching it’s 786 reversal level at 116.if that breaks, the 155-160 move would setup on a 1.00 full breakout move.

AMZN: 600 is AMZN’s 786 reversal breakout target after a big zigzag and reversal to 618 this morning..a break of 600 would extend this move to the 680-690 range.


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NFLX’s reversal has been so strong today that it’s already cleared 1.00 and sets up a Wave 3…112-115 could be 1.618 on this move..the zigzag and reversal pattern is very powerful.

GOOGL:  773 or 786 is very far away and the reversal in GOOGL has been pretty weak compared to the other FANG stocks, but I can see it catch up by next week and break 786.