This is a flash market update of the S&P 500, as it’s ready to turn positive! Strangely enough.

In a pretty wild twist of events in the wave patterns, A = C held at 2050-2052 intraday and sure enough the bounce was way strong enough to break 786 of the C wave just 5 minutes ago..this is a setup for an upward 3 as opposed to a downward 3..I was leaning towards downward C or 3 and test of 2042, but the reversal happened very fast in a large spike and it looks like an attempt at an upward 3..still early, but S&P is about to go positive surprisingly.

At this point I’d look for that 1.00 breakout above the B wave, or a positive move and on that breakout going long might not be a bad might be premature considering how volatile resistance level failures have been, but this one actually is starting to look legit and not as scary as it was earlier this morning.