Hey guys and girls and clients! I’ve been involved in a brand new hobby for about 2-3 weeks now and it’s in the NFT Crypto world of WAX/Garbage Pail Kids. Now don’t laugh…this is some serious shit.. (Join my NEW GPK Trading telegram group for FREE at this link )

It all started when I got an e-mail Facebook update from Topps Company regarding Garbage Pail Kids Digital Blockchain cards and the WAX Crypto…when the Series 1 was released, I purchased 20 $5 GPKFIVE 5 card packs for $100 total. I didn’t think anything of it and left them in my account for a couple days. I was watching Ebay for completed sales one day and saw that my cards were worth WAY more than what I paid. In fact when I added it all up it was close to $1000 in WAX/Cards!

I had pulled 3 “B” Sketches, 2 Adam Bombs, 2 Nasty Nicks and 2 “A” Sketches and a several prism cards that if sold would have made me $1000 from the original investment of $100. So I figured out how to auction my cards off by visiting this telegram group: Click here to check it out! and discovered GPK.Market . It was so easy to use and i was able to list all 100 of my cards with no problem. But I needed “RAM” to list them all because of the memory constraints so when I created my WAX account I bought RAM to compensate for it..after that it was easy…

I ended up selling all of the cards for approx. 22,000 WAX or at the time was worth over $1000! I had invested $100 for a 10X return! (22,000 WAX is now about $1700-$1800) So with the new found WAX I chose to invest in the two most popular characters in the Series 1 set… Adam Bomb and Nasty Nick. Since I’m an Elliott Wave/Technical Analysis Expert in the stock market, I was able to read the wave patterns and profit huge on those two cards. I knew these guys were popular because I grew up on Garbage Pail Kids, and they had a lot of volume and trade in the 1-2-3 pattern that I’ve always used for trading (more at Wavegenius.com). Example:

I bought 5-8 Prism cards at the wave 2 .618 fibonacci support level at the average price of 2610 WAX a piece (you can see these actual purchases at http://cryptoslam/owner/xbequ.wam) and ended up cashing out at around 4600-5000 a piece based on this Elliott Wave pattern.

Later..I had a very lucky day…

Yes, I was one of the lucky winners of 1 of 100 gold cards that were to be distributed if you bought at LEAST ONE PACK! I had bought 20 packs total and got dropped a Jay Decay GOLD card….since I’m a great market timer I was able to sell the VERY FIRST ONE on the market for 60,000 WAX (with fees 54,000)! At current market prices this is almost $3500-$4000!)

With this card I re-invested in the #1 momentum card…the Nasty Nick Sketch card that there are only 19 as of this article. And with the proceeds of the Adam Bomb/Nasty Nick sales I purchased several of the the $100 5 packs (these packs were originally $5 each!) and pulled a Collector’s Edition card of Weird Wendy! 1:500 packs, but I got very lucky…this was my collection recently..the cards are worth as of June 5th 2020 about $10,000! (I sold off all the Adam Bombs so it’s now worth about $8000) :

So what do I see in the future? Well, as of the date of this article I expect a VERY big move…I predicted a 3rd wave in WAX to .055-.060 when it was around .035 and it happened today and hit as high as .0785 (from a Facebook post May 20):

There’s a huge Wave 3 breakout that occurred today and I anticipate WAX to hit .111 or .18 or higher AND Garbage Pail Kids Digital cards to TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE in the coming weeks to months…we JUST entered a Wave 3 after a zigzag W2 correction and those targets are very possible at this point…my collection could be $100,000 when all is said and done as soon as this YEAR! Why? Because if Series 2 is the same as Series 1 and the packs go from $5 to $200 like they’re doing right now, they will sell out QUICK and cause a HUGE buzz by the massive profits the community is making…I want YOU to profit too so join my telegram group and get notified for upcoming releases..specifically Series 2! Make 20X-40X MINIMUM or 1000X your money simply by purchasing these $5 packs.

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