I might be advertising this for a bit because what I accomplished in exactly 30 days from Aug to Sept 2018 was a not only a world record…but a WD GANN TRADING RECORD. As you all know WD Gann is the greatest trader of all time hands down..but he got a lot of press, and I don’t…the last time I got press was the front page of TheStreet.com Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, but it was only for 2 articles for 1 week…I literally had no idea when I turned $46.50 into $10,200 that I had smashed an untouchable trading record from WD Gann..everybody should know this fact by now but I need these articles to go viral for a change..please spread the word about this because if this doesn’t go viral I don’t know what will.

I day trade up to 25-30 times a day..over the past 60 days, +62% $47,000, 95.4% Profitable. I have a sale going on where you can get all these trades delivered to you in real time with sound alerts from Discord app for only $199 Lifetime! Go here. Click

Here’s my actual trades from my e-trade account: http://profit.ly/user/naturalstocks

You’ll see where I started and ended in that one month period..