Why would the government get involved with such a tiny website like mine? The only opposition that makes sense is the media and competitors….my content is EXTREMELY powerful…so powerful that it can move huge companies and even indices around. How do you explain my dead perfect bottom calls and my 80-90% accurate trading without some kind of influence from my posts? And my Wave 3 upside calls happen with amazing frequency. TheStreet.com had a huge article on my many years ago, but I believe that Jim Cramer shut me down because of my insulting him on Facebook. They had this entire campaign for me set up but shut it off when Ernie Varitimos stole my content and tried to make his own website. This industry is so scammy and full of shit these days. I have to compete with fake results and scam websites that advertise on Facebook and instagram…there are SOOOO many of them these days. But soon I’m going to reveal the scammiest of websites: Avi Gilburt’s Elliottwavetrader,net and how their members have been stealing from me for years. I have proof and and proof of how poor their results have been. The fact that I’m coming out as a King Solomon obsessed freak tonite…I’m not hiding my Freemason obsession anymore…if I promote them, they’ll pull strings for me….