Incredibly low fees with Coinbase Pro trading $BTC.X Bitcoin

Thinking that $100,000 order of 9-10 bitcoins will cost you $1500-$1800 in fees on regular Coinbase will kill you? I stupidly traded on regular Coinbase for a while and was eating huge fees…(Ted ever heard of something called GOOGLE to search for something like this?) Tonite I was alerted about Coinbase Pro and was told about the incredibly low fees..I logged on tonite to Coinbase Pro through my regular Coinbase account and found out that I can set a limit order for 10 bitcoins and only pay $174 per trade vs $1800 per trade..I feel pretty stupid not knowing about this, but now I know…here’s an example (pic):


Now I can trade bitcoin and scalp wildly on every volatile move and not worry about the gigantic fees associated with $110K buy or sell orders..this was a problem for a while, but Coinbase Pro solves this problem…With Coinbase you have access to the actual coins so you can use bitcoin to buy from stores that take bitcoin vs competing platforms that only allow trading and no access to the coins..

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