Is it worth investing $100,000 in to SPS (Splinterlands Token) – here’s what $100K will give you per day

Problem with SPS tokens is that there’s only 322 days left of airdrops…with 35,000 points I get about $3 a day in SPS tokens.
If I invested $100,00 into:
– Lands = $500 a piece, or 200 lands X 10,000 points = 2,000,000 points..2 million points = $177 per day.
– If I invested $100,000 into DEC = 14 million DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) I’d get 14 million points per day I’d get $1239 a day!

Is this math right? For every $10,000 invested that’s $123.90 a day, so if I put $50,000 I’d get about $590 a day.

I think I’m putting money there soon…

Update: 14 million DEC is impossible to buy. Look at attached screen shot.

Update 2: However 5-7 million bought is doable..

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