I’ve been trading since late 1997. Yes I’ve seen it all..23 years of experience = master trader and ability to move markets and stocks

People say that I predict things like a prophet in the stock market..like a Stock market “Prophet”..but I don’t think I predict shit..I’m widely followed by huge money..one of my members owns a SEAT on the NYSE! That’s how far my influence has gone..that I’m aware of…I’m sure it goes higher than that..but the fact that I’ve been this crazy good for over 20 years means that my words are essentially gold..or even priceless..so I can basically name my price for memberships at this point…When I’m down on a stock or ETF I simply go on my website and blog like crazy and the NASDAQ S&P Tesla Apple Amazon or whatever I’m holding pops high enough to make a profit…OR…rallies so huge that the profits are in the tens of thousands like with Tesla this year…I’m trading with a $90,000-$100,000 account which is enough to make serious money..I take my profits out of the account every month which is why I’m trading with more money…but to make my point..I don’t predict shit..I literally create a pattern or formation for the huge money to create and WHAM – Wave 3…and when I sell you’ll see quick drops in the market…23 years man…I’ve reached “prophet” age of 44 so expect some more crazy shit for many years to come.