Long Term Elliott Wave Count For $MSFT Microsoft – 3 of 3 to 90?..or…5 waves up?


This is the long term forecast for Microsoft or MSFT on the 10 year candlestick chart..has it entered 3 of 3 up or..5 wave top?

Best case scenario:  The best case scenario is that the move from 20 to 48.5 was W1 of W3, the ABC flat in the past few months a W2 of W3, before the holy grail of wave patterns…the 3 of 3…that would target as high as 85-90 in a 1.618 move that’s 1.618 X the 28 point first wave..the earnings report was huge and resembled the 3 of 3 breakaway gap move.

Worst case scenario:  Worst case is the recent ABC flat was a W4 move before the W5 top termination point..MSFT would have trouble at 52-55, where it is now, and would start a large descent back to at least the previous 4 at 39-40.

Where I’m leaning:  Fundamentally MSFT has been creating some innovative breakthrough products..the biggest one is the new Surface Pro Laptop and the fact that they’ve been swiftly moving in the right direction, righting what was wrong with the Surface series..fundamentally they’re crawled out of the bottomless hole they were in for a long time before 2009 and entered a more enlightened period of technology….they’re also being MORE INNOVATIVE THAN APPLE!…so technically it doesn’t make sense for it to be topping out here, because the NASDAQ and overall market have entered the big 3 of 3 as well.


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