My hobbies in include dabbling in NFT’s and crypto collectibles so I thought it might be a good idea to be the first one to do this on WAX crypto format…

So the charts that I post will be FREE to view from this point on, but I’ve created them in NFT Crypto digital format as a collectable.

There will be 3 charts minted of each one. Instead of spending $1197 on an Annual membership, the first lucky buyer who buys mint 1 of 3 would only pay $188-$197 depending on WAX value..that’s savings of over $1000! I get $197 a month easily so this is an opportunity to buy an annual cheaply…that’s if you can get the 1 of 3 minted chart first.

As added value, not only is this NFT transferrable to anyone, which also transfers the existing membership, if the W3 targets hit on the chart, the NFT Digital collectable turns into a $1997 LIFETIME membership! This digital collectable could catch fire and become worth a LOT more than your paid! I have a deep following so this could happen. This is the first 3.

You can pay with WAX crypto, or with Paypal buy sending the amount to

Here are the first 3 1 of 3’s…TSLA NASDAQ and Bitcoin Long Term Charts:

To view this NASDAQ chart for FREE click here!

Click here to view this bitcoin chart for FREE