My website with priceless content should be Google sized, but I believe in a decade it will be. Sounds crazy, but I set my goals HIGH

Priceless content..there I said it. Now if a priceless website with priceless content is widely known as Google the market would erupt to the upside in the biggest way…I only get under a thousand visitors a day to my if I was getting hundreds of thousand of visitors, the stock market would explode so high that nobody could stop it..but I would lay waste to just about everybody competing with me. That’s why I believe many of my avenues of communication have been cut off..but it doesn’t matter..when you go VIRAL without all that social media junk the word spreads..that’s what’s happening now. I had 6000 page views yesterday in a shitty market, and the traffic continues to grow rapidly every day..I haven’t seen this since 2009-2013…I need to be consistent every day and focus all my energy into it…but basically my website helps influence the HUGE stocks that I trade and the indices or ETF’s that I hold, so why would I stop?