NFLX 5 year Chart Forecast/Analysis



This is the 5 year chart analysis of Netflix (NFLX), best case, worst case scenario and what I’m leaning towards (percentage)

Best case scenario for NFLX 5 year long term chart: First wave was 10 to 70, Second Wave or W2 corrective of the W1 was in an ABC flat to 46, Wave 3 was exactly 1.618 to 130, the 4th wave or W4 retraced 382 back to 86, and if it takes out 120, the highest target would be a 5th wave at 618 X w1  + W3 to as high as 155-160.

Worst case scenario:  NFLX finds resistance at 116 and drops below 95.  That would setup a zigzag to as low as 72-75 in an A = C move.

Where I’m leaning:  I’m looking at this chart and I’m thinking..5th wave to 155-160 before a larger correction.  It has a 1-2-3-4-5 up appearance, but I’m thinking it takes out 116 and hits that big target.

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