Here are a couple examples of Ted’s amazing work as a

trader..there’s a lot more but here are the highlights..

Thanks to his complete mastery over elliott wave he knows when to buy, sell or hold into

big profitable Wave 3’s..You can benefit with real time trade alerts via e-mail, blog or chat

room.  He guides all the trades flawlessly via update alerts so you can have confidence in

each trade.

“…after i lost 10s of thousands, I found your site and started my schooling under a truly great Elliotician. I have been an observer for over a year now and am truly amazed by the accuracy of your forecastsI would rather seek advice from someone who is right 80% of the time, rather than from someone who is right 20% of the time, …GOD BLESS! “

Robert Krupa

“I remarked today on the my program that you in fact made the market bottom call in 2002 when I had erroneously thought that we had bottomed at the end of the 3rd wave… Knowing you the way I do and the strength of your faith, I have no problem with that… “The Master” – “The Greatest”. Thanks and have a good weekend.”

Ed Handley, Senior VP Fulcrum Securities

Yes, that is right, the market is destined to explode to unfathomable levels, according to Ted Aguhob, a so-called master Elliottician. This isn’t the nescient ramblings of some fly-by-night Elliott Wave guy…   No, Ted Aguhob has been calling the market highs and lows, with uncanny regularity and documented analysis, for many years.

Ernie Varitimos, Contributer, TheStreet.com
Johnny G.

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