[Premium] 17%-20%+(!) $TQQQ $NDX Trade Setup – W1- W2- W3..where to buy


This is a TQQQ trade setup for Nov 24, 2015 based on the 15 day 1 minute line chart.  Best case scenario 17%-20% move(!)..where to buy to maximize profit and minimize error or loss. [ms-protect-content id=”61,117″]

Best case scenario:  W1-W2-W3 setup on the 15 day 1 minute TQQQ chart..one break of 122.5 would setup a full upward 3 to as high as 146-150 if it travels the full 1.618 golden ratio length.  The perfect entry would be at 786 of the zigzag ABC we’ve seen over the past 2 days at 122.50..that would be the 80% trade setup, and buying at 786 is the safest area and aggressive at the same time.

Worst case scenario:  Failure at 122 and a drop in a full C to 115…that would be a bigger ABC, but buying at 786 break would prevent that scenario from happening.

Where I’m leaning:  Buy at 122.5 and ride the Wave 3..looks like a clear zigzag W2 before W3. [/ms-protect-content]

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