Realizing that beating WD Gann’s record destroys the competition..all Elliott wave websites will start dying now

I’m getting a ton of leads and subscribers since I realized I beat a WD Gann record..this one feat catapults me over all my competition in a big way..none of them can touch this..along with my insane Elliott wave timing record..there’s no way they can stop me now..

I’m getting an avalanche of traffic right now as we speak, and #1 enemy Prechter and his weenie 444% one time gain can’t compete with this. I keep getting better every year or every day when it comes to timing the market as well as I do as long as with my trading.

How do you get the ultimate package like this when it comes to my website? For mere pennies a day you can get access to my site..but I got a couple $450 lifetime subscriptions over the past hour instead of the sale price I usually set at $180-$200 so this website upgrade really helped..along with the fact that I found out that I destroyed a WD Gann record last year pretty much will put my competitors on their knees.

I discovered today that another competitors has been stealing my wave counts and stupidly has been posting them on their main page. I know what’s going on and once I sick my guys on them it’s pretty much over…there are several websites that I found that have been stealing from me for years and it’ll end soon. Once I put a scare into them they won’t even think about taking my content again.

So, this was a big weekend changing the website to a lead generator instead of a magazine site, and it’s really worked. Coupled with amazing discoveries about my own trading tonite will help push me further into the mainstream. I have to destroy every body else like a juggernaut Elliott wave website that I used to have years’s grown back to that status over the past couple months..

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