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The service includes:
– REAL TIME day trading/swing trading alerts from Discord App. This is a live chat room app that alerts you with SOUND of ALL trades on smartphone, PC, AND Mac. All my trades buy and sell during the day between 8AM and 8PM (yes 12 hour days I trade) I usually sell Discord for $99 upgrade from lifetime, but for this introductionary promotion it’s only $199 lifetime WITH Discord included!

– Real time live streaming blog with all my trades posted as well with commentary using Elliott Wave and fibonacci during each trade to guide what I’m thinking during the day.

– ALL regular wavegenius blog posts that are locked are unlocked with charts, elliott wave long term short term targets for 30 stocks indices and cryptocurrency.

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(If you look at the widget below, it says 41 wins/19 losses, but does’t include ALL day trades. I make up to 10-12 round trip day trades a day including overnight swing trades. 400+ wins was the actual real result)