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For more info on his amazing 2 decade record, read the articles below.
Ted hands down is the World’s BEST Elliottician!



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Up 19,500% In one month trading options Aug-Sept 2018. WORLD RECORD.
$2540 into $45K trading just stocks no options in 03-04
AAPL was 60 (pre-split), called BOTTOM AND 230 on this Front Page Article March of ’13. Recent high 232 AND it bottomed at 55-60 
Yes I’ve been around since ’02..this is my first huge bottom call in NASDAQ..set a huge wave of traffic after this in 2002.


102-19 +$474K+ since Nov 2016. Google Doc results.

NASDAQ was 3000 S&P was 1300 DOW was 13,000..called NASDAQ 8378 S&P 3565 and DOW 33,000. Front page of TheStreet, MSN Money and Yahoo Fiance

My huge 2009 SPX DOW and NASDAQ bottom call on YOUTUBE that put me on the map..Called almost the exact bottom levels!

Amazing ’13 Ebook Call DAX – Was 9017 called 13,337 – hit that and more


100% Accurate(!) Top 10 Companies Forecast Video From ’13. CRAZIEST VIDEO YOU WILL EVER SEE.

90% Accurate Top 20 Tech Elliott Wave Counts. All targets hit or surpassed and they were CRAZY targets.
Page from my ebook calling SPX 3545 when SPX was just 1779 with CHART evidence.
Amazing Ebook ’13 Nikkei Call – was 15,650 called 24,958..almost hit that recently


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About me

The secret of many top analysts and traders…(in fact mutual fund managers, hedge fund traders and even a couple seat owners of the NYSE are subscribers!) Ted “Wavegenius” Aguhob since 2001 has profited on 80%-88% of his trades EVERY year since the inception of his blogs and websites..Ted has made and incredible amount of calls during this period including: Recent 19,500% gain in one month trading options, 1778% gain in 03-04 from swing trades, The 2009 bottom lows of S&P DOW and NASDAQ literally right on the number, the massive 3rd waves when SPX made it’s run from just over 1000 to 2900+ that we’re seeing now (these calls were written by Ernie Varitimos on articles on the FRONT PAGE of, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money for a week), The exact all time low of Apple and Facebook and the huge move that followed on Youtube videos, and he’s had Top 20 Charts of stocks that 90%-100% of the time were accurate…at the time the calls were considered insane to most and hundreds of his charts have been like that..until they actually happened…as a result Ted with a tiny audience made almost $177,000 in 2013 as one of the top earning blogs in the country. His following is beyond fanatical, and has been hidden away for many years with many websites and competitors refusing to partner with him..mostly because he’d walk in there and take away many subscribers and traffic from them…