So what NFT’s would I buy in the WAX Space….if i had unlimited funds

1.) Alien Worlds many as I can at $7500-$8000 a piece for the passive income and commissions…and future utility.
2.) Mike Trout Topps MLB cards…the big nasty rare ones.
3.) Shohei Ohtani Topps MLB cards…ditto
4.) 1/1 Rhodiums from
5.) Splinterlands MAX Summoners like Llama and Yodin. As many as I can get.
6.) Alien Worlds Tools…the oversold ones. The tools that give tons of NFT’s but right now NFT mining is paused, so they’re really cheap (Draxos Axe for example)
7.) Alien Worlds weapons and minions….very cheap considering that Thunderdome is around the corner.
8.) Nasty Nick and Adam Bomb Sketches. These were the first WAX NFT’s ever and have legendary status.
9.) Funko Physical Redemptions for “GRAIL” cards: Big Boy and Leonardo. All 999 of each lol
10.) Every Train of the Century pack available on the market

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