S&P E-Mini – We Actually Hit 382 W4 in the $SPX $ES_F Futures = Bottom?


This is an update for the S&P 500 Futures aka S&P E-Mini 15 minute chart concerning the reversal this morning.

Best case scenario:  When I look at the S&P 500 futures chart and zoom in on the 15 min chart, I’m seeing a low of 2021 followed by a bounce to 2040.  Ironically yes, we DID GET 382 Wave 4 in the S&P E-mini after the big reversal from the lows when they opened Sunday evening at 6PM..so yes we did IN FACT get 382 in a W4 which means any fade here in S&P is a 5th wave down before a potential bottom.

Worst case scenario:  The disconnect between Emini S&P and the actual S&P 500 index shows a chart that HAS NOT hit 382 in a W4 and we’re still in a W3 down that has yet to drop to 1.618.

What I’m expecting:  Any fade here could be just a 5th wave down to the reversal in the futures… I almost forgot about it ..strangely enough, but that 382 move was PRECISELY 382 in a W4 in the Emini so the bottom may have already occured post and pre market this weekend.

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