The steps of posting a blog = Distracting when day trading. My solution solves it. I’m the world’s best day trader, period.

Imagine holding a 30-60 second position 15-30 times a day and being forced to post a blog every 30 minutes on this site…It takes me 2-3 minutes to post a blog and it involves these steps.

1.) Log onto wordpress. Click post a blog. = 10 seconds

2.) Post a title. 30 seconds.

3.) Post valuable content = 1-2 minutes

4.) Click two screens to change category = 30 seconds.

5.) Change category, erase category = 10 seconds

6.) Click back to update post, post blog = 30 seconds including load time.

I’d say that’s about 3-4 minutes of work every 30 mins..and within 30-60 minutes I’m day trading about 5-10 times trying to pay attention to the trade. And making close to $15,000-$20,000 a month on a good month which is typically 80% of the time and making less than $5000 on the blog.

Now those valuable minutes are very distracting just to post every 20-30 mins while day trading aggressively….Wordpress posting is very worthless when I’m making almost 5X the amount trading vs subscriptions.

Now you probably see why in the past month or so that I’ve pretty much stopped posting….but I have solved the problem just by going back to my old live stream page.

I don’t have to go through 6 steps anymore to post content…on the live stream page I just quickly post a sentence and that’s it.

That takes 10-30 seconds max as opposed to 3-4 minutes per post, and now I can post away without being distracted.

I’ll be posting full posts every hour or two but posting day trade posts every 1 minute or less…i might be posting hundreds of posts on my intraday day trading thoughts because of the convenience of posting. Instead of 6 steps it’s only 1 step.

Fasten your seat belts day traders because I consider myself the best in the entire world and nobody comes close.