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#1 – Nasty Nick Sketch 1a (Pop 19) – Nasty Nick is currently tied for the most popular character next to Adam Bomb and prices reflect that. But there are 36 Adam Bomb Sketches (2nd most on the market) and only 19 Nasty Nick Sketches. The last time a Nasty Nick Sketch was pulled 15 days ago from packs, so it’s rumored to be the rarest of all sketches. After about 65% of GPKFIVE packs and 75% of Megas opened, it’s tied with Weird Wendy and Boozin’ Bruce for the rarest sketch as of June 6th 2020. Popularity and rarity could cause the prices to’s #1 on the list for a reason. Last confirmed sale on was around $2315.

#2 – Corroded Carl Collector’s Edition 19a (Pop 1) – After 65% of GPKFIVE Packs opened and 75% Of Megas opened, only ONE has been uncovered. It’s rumored to be the only 1/1 in the entire set and has never hit the market. I know the owner of the card from the unofficial telegram chat, and she won’t let it go until it rockets. If I were her I would NOT sell it, but that might be a risk of somehow another one is uncovered….

#3 – Adam Bomb Prism 8a (Pop 209) – Tied for the most popular character in GPK along with Nasty Nick. The Adam Bomb Prism card high was about 5000 WAX but recently has sold for $175-$200 or 1999 WAX after the huge WAX spike (At 5000 WAX sale WAX was only .043 now it’s .076 so adjusted for the currency inflation about the same price $175-$200). The price has rocketed from around $40 to the current $175-$200 price and has serious momentum still. I can see it doubling in value as the chart below.

#4 – Nasty Nick Prism 1a (Pop 211) – The Nasty Nick Prism has seen identical growth in price to the Adam Bomb Prism and nearly took out the highs of the Adam Bomb Prism at nearly 4000. There are times when the price is tied, but the market is so volatile that either could take over the lead. Being tied for the most popular character, Nasty Nick Prisms could double as well as it’s a premium card that’s cheaper than the sketch and above the base card.

#5 – Potty Scotty BASE card 14a (Pop 674) – This is a weird one, but Potty Scottys have been hoarded more than any other base card on the market. There’s a willing buyer at 350-400 even with the huge WAX price fact it didn’t drop at all and on June 6, 2020 two exchanged hands at 350 and 399. They were selling at 350-400 BEFORE the great WAX spike and at current prices they pretty much doubled after those two sales. The hoarder has over 200 of them and everybody wants to complete a set…they have to pay up though because like I said there’s a willing buyer at that price no matter what.

#6 – Haggy Maggie Collector’s Edition 16b (Pop 2) – This card should be near the top of this list, but Haggy Maggie CE #2 was pulled recently after being a rumored 1/1 for the longest time. This card recently exchanged hands at around $3200.00 in the telegram chat room, and the current owner of #2/2 has both the Haggy Maggie CE and it’s counterpart Weird Wendy CE (pop 8). I don’t think anymore will appear on the market at this point, but if another one does it’ll drop further down the list.

#7 – Dead Ted Sketch 5a (Pop 25) – Dead Ted is a very popular character in the GPK world and all 3 versions are the among the priciest after Adam Bomb and Nasty Nick. 25 is actually a high/average population count for a sketch, but one sold on June 6th 2020 post Wax spike price at 5555 and that was the price that it averaged before the huge black swan event. So at 5555 that’s double the price. Just look out for set collector’s because they will pay the price to complete it.

#8 – Adam Bomb Sketch 8a (pop 36) – I know Adam Bomb is tied for the most popular character in the set, but there are THIRTY SIX of these sketches and that’s tied for the 2nd most sketch. In fact, 2 were pulled between June 4th and June 5th recently. There could be 40 pulled when all is said and done and it could over take Cranky Frankie Sketch as the most populated “A” Sketch. But the fact that it’s Adam Bomb and a pretty bad ass looking card will keep the price afloat…however recent Ebay sales at $1325 and one at $1700 Best Offer which hasn’t moved at all since it was listed reflect a lower price…at those prices I’d be a buyer at 12,000-15,000 WAX instead of the incredibly bloated ask prices we’re seeing now.

#9 – Weird Wendy Collector’s Edition (Pop 8) 16a – I’m biased because I’m an owner of this card. I pulled it from a GPKFIVE pack, and a fellow collector Aris pulled #8/8 in the past week. But the EYEBALL is so popular at the moment and consensus the most beautiful CE on the market. That green eyeball is mesmerizing and recently sold for $2500 which is the average low selling price for a CE on the market. 8 is rumored to be the MAX population count for CE’s so don’t expect another to be pulled soon.

#10 – Tee Vee Stevie Collector’s Edition 10a (Pop 5) – A card I dream to have since the animation is incredible..AND it’s a Pop 5 Collector’s Edition card. The fact that the animation is endless when you stare at it makes this card #10 on the list. Tee Vee Stevie is also one of the most popular characters on the market as all 4 versions sell at a big premium. Problem is with this card is that it’s stigmatized as being the most overpriced. One has sat at 400,000 WAX for many weeks now and obviously won’t move at that price.