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The World’s Top 5 Elliotticians/Elliott Wave Analysts

1.) Ted “gem-x” Aguhob

The Artist Formerly Known As “gem-x”. With an Elliott Wave record second to none for almost 12 years now, and the 80% trading record to back it up, Ted is to Elliott Wave, like Michael Jordan is to basketball, and like Babe Ruth is to baseball. Like magic, some people say that things move around with his words…”

He’s made quite a few “legendary” calls and trades over the years…so many in fact that it’s scared people in very high places. Like REALLY scared them.

2.) Don Wolanchuk

Don not only is an incredible elliottician, his incredible in depth knowledge of all forms of technical analysis has astonished for decades. A former media darling featured on FNN in the 80’s frequently, Barron’s, IBD, Business Week and many more magazines..Early on in 2001 on I learned
a lot from his wide range of analysis. On one public post on a SI, Don actually said to me that “..ur scary..u da best” =)

Yes, the legendary Don Wolanchuk himself is known as “da_chief” on

3.) Ed Handley

Ed is a very proficient technical analyst and learned his craft studying Ted Aguhob’s Elliott Wave technique for years at He hosted a radio show for years at Washington Business Radio DC700 and continues to broadcast hour long elliott wave podcasts on his website.

4.) Tony Caldaro – (Rest In Peace)

One of the few bullish elliotticans left, Tony has made calls that include: The bottom in 2009 and the top in 2011 in the stock market. He has a rabid following and is very gracious and open to all who wish to learn about Elliott Wave.

5.) “Mr Cow”

2 year Ex-subscriber and ex-friend of Ted and Yes, he’s in big trouble…but..if only he came out and apologized publicly for maliciously try- ing to steal customers, and the libelous statements he’s been planting we’d throw a possible court case out. Like Ted said on his chat room earlier this month “..I am very quick to accept apologies regardless of what they did”, he’d welcome him back…as well as drive a huge amount of traffic his way to help him out. Drop the ego man, and apologize. It’s that simple. The name will replaced with his name, and his domain will be prominently displayed on this very visible article.

The World’s 5 Worst Elliotticians
5.) (Tie) Avi Gilburt – aka “The Redneck Rock”

“…Yeah.. I was making twenty thousand a ye.. month!”

“…In fact, I won the Pulitzer Prize that year! Yeah, that’s the ticket! And then my cousin died!..”

Is this “80%-100% Accurate” ?

1-2 long positions, 1-2 short positions on the same trading vehicle…1-2 of the 4 is a profit, 1-2 are the sane world where 1 + 1 = 2, that’s 25%-50% profit- able. But in his world, 1 + 1 = 3, and 80%-100% profitable..and he’ll make you be- lieve it.

Another “80%-100% Accurate” claim: 3 scenarios in one very visible article “could go up, could go down”…one scenario is vaguely correct, but 2 are com- pletely wrong.

1 + 1 = 3. Move on now. How do you make money with this? You don’t.

5.) (Tie) Sid “The Kid”

I present to you in all his glory, the king. That “BIG ARROW OF DOOM POINTING DOWN IN JUST ABOUT EVERY CHART” guy.

You probably know him already…over and over and over gain . Yes, all you gotta do is look…and laugh. Here’s one of his brilliant charts from Aug 2012.

4.) Glen Neely
You thought elliott wave was confusing? Well, want to make it 10X worse? Try “neowave”…this dude is the source of all the “XYZ” idiots you see on many elliott wave blogs….nobody can make heads or tails of this garbage, but his readers just look for a target and they’re happy. I really have no clue myself what’s- goingoneither. Here’s a sample of one of his mega blown calls:

Called June 2009 a major top before S&P would drop to 500 lol

3.) Steve Hochberg

Mr. Hochberg, the sidekick of Prechter, has been blinded by Prechter for years..obviously since he’s worked with him for years now. Hochberg stays married to his bearish wave counts, and is a broken record. He’ll call crashes repeat- edly like Mr. Prechter until a crash does happen, and he gets praised for it. His method: Keep calling for something that will happen eventually, and eventually you’ll be right.

2.) Daneric at Danericselliottwaves

Daneric studies all of’s material like no other human…but that’s not a good thing. He also “invents” wave counts that stray far far away from the golden rules set by R.N. Elliott. He’ll twist his counts so that they con- form to his permabear view. I mean, he REALLY twists his counts. He also dresses up his charts so that he “appears” smart. The funny thing is, nobody..not even the most proficient elliotticians can understand what the hell he’s talking about. The herd that follows him only looks for that red arrow that points down, and it makes them feel happy. That’s as far as it goes with Daneric.

1.) Robert Prechter Article: Is Elliott Wave Theory High Priest Robert Prechter Certifiably Insane?

Ah, Robert Prechter. There are very strong rumors that he’s plagiarized (the rare “good” calls he’s had) Ted Aguhob for years. His 2009 bottom call was suspi- ciously created just an hour after Ted Aguhob’s 2009 bottom call video on you- tube. Prechter has feared Ted and has even gone as far as to get his employees to e-mail Ted whenever he undercuts them on pricing. Prechter is a media darling and like Hochberg, will repeatedly call crashes until one happens. For Prechter, it took 23 years until he was right from the low of 1987 until the start of 2000. Prechter has a very dedicated following, and that’s the scary part. There have been many ex-subscribers who have almost gone bankrupt based on Prechter’s perma- bear views. Like Daneric, Prechter “invents” new wave formations to conform to his views. He’s rumored to be a lunatic, but a very intelligent lunatic. When you reach the lunacy levels that Prechter has, you tend to get a following like he has.