This is what happened since I left. I’m wealthy now and ready to make 10X what I’ve already made

Made a fortune helping with internet marketing and e-mail advertising with Alien Worlds way early when I asked to get my salary 50% Trilium (1.5 million TLM, which was worth $.0035 at the time and now $.35. When I was hired I was headed straight into a life changing windfall) and 50% Cash, and that foresight is one reason why I’m here today. I’m a very well known “guru” in the Wax NFT Crypto space, and my ability to recognize huge trends when they are tiny is one reason people cling onto my every word. I used to blog as an elliott wave fibonacci stock market guru for 17 years with extreme highs and extreme lows earning money (I’m a great trader who profits 80% of the time on real trading accounts for years, but competition eventually almost erased my existance on the internet), but with Alien Worlds I have steady consistent income and the 1.5 million TLM which is being dripped to me every minute for the next 14-15 months is why I’m a very high end NFT trader during the day, and i also keep up with my influential blogging. I also provide support in the backend during the day which can be tough, but I keep at it diligently and effectively. I’ve been in this game Alien Worlds since the Dec 2020 launch, and thanks to this incredible dapp, I’m living a comfortable life in Santa Monica, CA

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