Quick Shorthand Elliott Wave Analysis Of These Top 4 Finance Stocks: Goldman Sachs, Mastercard, Visa, JP Morgan.

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  • GS (Goldman Sachs) – GS got W1 (193 to 185), Upward W2 (185 to 190.5), Downward 3 to 173 at 1.618, and now it needs an upward 4 to stop the carnage…target would be 179-180 or 382 of the downward 3 in an upward 4…followed by 4 up 5 down and 618 reversal after testing low of the downward 3 at 173 in a bottom.  Best case 618 reversal = 186-188 after 5 down.
  • MA (Mastercard) – Mastercard’s chart is already ahead of the pack on the 10 day 1 minute…it’s already retraced 382 of the downward 3 in an upward 4, so worst case is a mild 5 down to retest the low of the 3 at 93.50-94.50 and we have a 5 wave bottom… 618 reversal after 5 waves could target as high as 97-98 in a full retracement minimum.
  • V (Visa)
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