[Top 4 Retail] A Quick Elliott Wave Look At UA, NIKE, VFC, TSLA

UA – (Under Armour) – UA near the end of, but not completed it appears of a big zigzag from 93…A = C would target 78-79 if the C drops the full length of an A = C (A Wave was 10 points), but after that test I expect a large bottom and full 618 reversal or higher past 87-88 in the coming months.

NKE – (Nike) – Nike got a full zigzag to 126 at A = C..it needs to get the full 4 which is 1 point a way, get a mild 5 and reverse back over 131 to put a zigzag bottom in place and setup higher highs in an extension of the upward 3.

VFC – (VF Corp) [ms-protect-content id=”61,117″] – VFC got a full standard zigzag A = C right to 61.7..almost exactly A = C..in order to bottom it needs at least an upward 4 to 63.2..if it gets that, I’d expect mild 5 down and 618 reversal min to 65+.

TSLA – (Tesla) Tesla could still be in the middle of a zigzag..to stop the full length (target 208), it would need to get the 382 upward 3 min to 224, reverse in a mild 5 and turn around in a 618 move past 230 or 618 of the entire zigzag to bottom here.. [/ms-protect-content]

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