Trading And Charting Tools I Use (Websites, analyzing $SPX $NDX software etc)

Tools. The BEST trading charts, real time, and clean. 10/10 stars. This screen shot software allows me to post charts in de- tail QUICK. The font and interface is very “dot com”, and I love the ease of it.

You’re all wondering what software I use, and what I websites or channels I frequent to help my trading every day, right? Maybe or maybe not, but this is an eBook about my trading techniques, and it starts with those very things.

”The Elliott Wave Principle” By Frost and Prechter
Yes, my mortal enemy Prechter’s famous book “The Elliott Wave Prin- ciple.” Take note that Prechter did NOT invent Elliott Wave. It was R.N. Elliott, and this is his work. Prechter does a good job recreating his work, and his commentary is helpful, but it’s a proven fact by Timer’s Digest
that he’s the bottom document. But keep in changed my life, and I where credit is due. BTW you can pick up eBay for about $2-$12 but my book is way better.

One of the most important products I use for charting software isn’t some crazy multi- technique charting software that does automatic Elliott Wave counts (if you read the story about eSignal I seriously doubt you’d want to use it) that costs $2000.00, or has auto Fibonacci targets and costs $200 a month to stream useless data. The entire human element of Elliott wave is thrown out the window, and you NEED that human ele- ment since Elliott wave is more art than science.

The software I use is simple. It’s I used to trade with Schwab back in the 90’s and was able to acquire the software version of Bigcharts until it was made obsolete. I was even able to get the Mac ver- sion. So sorry, you guys can’t buy this software. A decent alternative is It has live streaming charts, which can be very helpful, but the amount of stuff that litters the charts is distracting.
Bigcharts gives you Slow and Fast Stochastic,
Dates, 200 and 50 day clean and simple chart that you can adjust accordingly.
MACD, RSI, also.

I recommend using Bigcharts, and when counting and finding those W2 zigzags, zoom into the 10 day, 1 minute charts using “close”. You get precise wave movements, PLUS it’s real time, so you can see the waves dance around just by reloading the website. It’s easier with my obsolete software, but it’s still very helpful.
Yes, I use
are “on the move” and
trends in the housing
bled, gold, Chinese Internet, cloud computing,
to discover stocks that “hot”. I discovered stocks before they boom…
TASR the LASER and more. Pre-market they talk about a lot of stocks, and if you see a stock or sector that is frequently mentioned, make sure you keep tabs on it, especially if it’s an emerging tech stock. There are new Wave 3 techs that I didn’t discover until scanning through But after the pre-market, it’s mostly gibberish =)

Update 2013: I don’t know what the heck happened to this service. They have a dellusional pricing and are no longer available on Yahoo Finance. I need to dig to find things bad.

Mad Money Lightning Round
You’re wondering with the amount of times I’ve insulted poor Cramer why I’d even mention this. But I have to. Yes, I’m a big fan of Mad Money and when Cramer goes into a bullish rant it makes me giggle with glee. But the meat of the show is the Lightning Round, at least to me. Just sit there behind CNBC one of these nights at 6PM ET and look at long-term 3-5 year charts on Bigcharts of the stocks that are mentioned. I’m pretty darn sure that the stocks mentioned are pre- determined, but they do a good job of choosing obscure stocks that could turn into Wave 3’s. It also gives a good run down on what’s the latest hot stock.
Update 2013: when the market is hot I cling onto his bullishness…I just wish one day he’d go from super boring format to a more exciting one soon…

Self-explanatory. Where would we be without it? Everything that’s hot is mentioned within seconds of the stocks moving, and you can see the live futures quotes for the SPX NASDAQ and DJI, as well as gold and oil quotes. Pre-market is soooo key.

I know people know that I despise Howard Lindzon (Update 2015: Not anymore), the guy in charge at Stocktwits, and most of the time it’s people promoting their website or services, but if you want to know right away what’s going on with a stock you’re holding, just register and type in the symbol. Within seconds you’ll know right away what’s going on.

Yahoo Finance
Message Boards

The king of all the financial message boards, period. The negative, however is you get shorts exaggerating things, or longs exaggerating things, but if you want to know the time earnings is coming out for a stock, or the latest rumors or gossip about a company, check it out. People have gone to jail on those boards for false statements, so exaggerating has leveled off in the past couple years.

Don Wolanchuk’s Silicon Investor Message Board “Ask Da Chief”

My mentor Don is still there to this day spitting out his weird gibber- ish. His handle is “da_chief”. But if you can figure out what he’s saying
he helps a LOT. I’m on with occasional com- ers on that board have mation that they dig and I read every half day.

that board myself ments, but follow- pretty crucial infor- through every day, hour of the trading
Yes, they almost went bankrupt once, but the Power E*TRADE plat- form is unreal. Streaming everything. CNBC live. My executions are bet- ter on E-Trade vs. Schwab and the customer support is top notch. Schwab support is real anal and stiff and Iprefer chatting with E-Trade customer support. Just please don’t go bankrupt on me!

Update Dec 2013: Didn’t go bankrupt lol yay!

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