[Video] How I Turned $2540 into almost $45,000 in 19 months

This happened way back in 2003-2004 during the lowest point of the NASDAQ…if I remember correctly 1108 was the bottom of NASDAQ after it came crashing down from 5100+ in 2000…yes I lived through that and “gemxwave.com” was first created in this era..my incredible trading during this time I doubt I’ll ever live through again (almost 1780% gain!) because many of the techs were at incredibly low levels..AMZN was around $10-$11, AAPL $10-$11, and the incredible rise of the chinese internets like SOHU NTES and SINA was how many percentage gains went hog wild..also RMBS had the notoriously huge moves on D-RAM news, and I rode these incredibly fast and powerful 1-2-3 moves over and over again..I devised the 80% trade setup in 2003 and implemented it in an amazing way in 2003-2004.

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