WarriorTrading.com is easily the #1 day trading website on the internet making tons of money off of memberships, actual trading and educational materials..they also have a chat room like my Discord chat room….

I’ll bet they make millions of dollars a year doing it simply because they’re transparent, show all the results gains and losses from brokerage accounts like me, and are great penny stock traders.

I’ll bet I can get there soon if I continue to work hard and be consistent and maintain my 81% Profitability..

But I can easily compete with them…there are huge differences between Wavegenius.com and Warriortrading.com however…

Since December of last year to July of this year they’re up 119% and 66% profitable…but just about all of their trading is based on penny stocks and stocks $10 or less…that have little volume. As you know penny stocks are extremely dangerous and are vulnerable to SEC snooping…I’ll bet one day they could get caught front running or pumping and dumping and everyone is fucked..TimothySykes.com is the same thing just about but with MUCH smaller stocks.

Since December of last year up to July I was up 101% and 81% profitable..but I trade index triple ETF’s that have huge volume like TQQQ UPRO and UDOW and huge momentum stocks like AAPL AMZN TSLA TWLO NFLX and more…this is MUCH safer ..they’re little slippage with huge volume stocks like the ones I mentioned and you won’t get caught following a penny stock pimp and get in $3 higher in a $9 stock..most of the members following Warriortrading or TimothySykes are FAR away from getting the execution of their gurus. But with me I’ll bet the difference after getting my alert is a few cents in a $100-$3000 stock.

So basically:


-66% profitable up 119%

-Trades penny stocks exclusively

-Members do NOT get the price of the guru after they send their alert due to the massive spread in pennies


-81% profitable up 101%

-Trades huge popular big caps and huge liquid ETF’s

-Members usually get executed within pennies after the alert

I’ve priced my services exactly like them and have been selling memberships like crazy over the past 3 days after matching their prices..so this is looking VERY good for me if I continue to execute my content and trading consistently like I’ve done since Dec of last year..