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Today is the first day after the Dr. GQ big whale sell-a-thon that occurred yesterday…Dr. GQ, the biggest whale on all of GPK set sell orders at 1/2 the WAX on ALL cards..I’m talking base, prism and sketch..even golden…the reason why he did that was to reflect the doubling in the WAXP price that we saw in the past couple days.

Yesterday early morning there were a grand total of FOUR sales in FOUR hours and it was looking good. Sticker shock on the WAX currency makes people back off almost the entire day, and later in the evening a huge sell off occurred… drgqu.wam AKA Dr. GQ placed 1/2 price off sell orders and the randomtrader bot got wiped out on WAX..triggering automatic buy orders on everything Dr. GQ was selling.

This lasted for about an hour with notable sales of a rare Kim Kong Sketch, which sold previously to Dr. GQ for 18,000 WAX selling for an astonishing 4999.

The reason people are selling at 1/2 off was to reflect the doubling in price of the WAXP currency that is the backbone for all sales of Garbage Pail Kids digital sale…

Today was post Armageddon and the bottom fishers came in FULL. All hands in and the volume exploded as bases, sketches and prisms were scooped up.

Notable sales for the day were Adam Bomb Prism at 2400 (or about $180 the going rate before the Armageddon) Nasty Nick Prism for 1700 and the Scotty Potty base at 390-400 which is DOUBLE the price from the past 2 days dollar wise.

Chart wise we’re looking at a Wave 2 continuation move so the Wave 32 we were all expecting came to a stall…but overall outlook still looks good despite the Armageddon move yesterday.