The market turbulence in the S&P and NASDAQ were also couple with turbulence in the weed stocks and bitcoin..bitcoin is near the end of a nearly 4-5 month sideways bottom close if it drops to 7300-7500 and the weed stocks made headlines by breaking new lows every day..but that sector also appears to be near the end of W2 zigzag formations..I traded bitcoin and weed stocks multiple times in the past 2-3 years and it feels like both sectors are near W2 bottoms into large upward W3 formations…I’ve backed off the market for the past 2 months mostly because of my adjusting to California time..(market opens at 6:30AM in the morning!) and the horrible performances of the SPX NASDAQ, weed stocks and bitcoin, but am looking to go all in again soon because there’s a huge long term breakout in DOW SPX NASDAQ that could last at least 2-3 more years if not another decade..