Here’s a list of websites that have banned me or throttled me since Trump entered office. ONLY the government can do this to one person or one website. – AdWords. BANNED. Adsense BANNED. Stuck in the sandbox and can barely get any search engine traffic. I’m clearly the number one elliottician in the world and when you type Elliott wave on Google I’m on the 100th page…literally

Mailchimp,com – Mysteriously banned me from sending emails permanently because they said “the content is inappropriate”. Um..what? I’m not lying about anything or making shit up at all..if this were the case I’d already be in jail motherfuckers – Same situation…ALL of my e-mails are DOUBLE opt-in and I never spam at all..mysteriously I was cutoff from that – it took months to get my old PayPal account back and finally got it back yesterday…but I had to cut through tons of red tape to get it back – Tonite I responded to a post telling them my actual non-fabricated results. They completely deleted everything I posted in the past day without asking questions. – This small website mysteriously cut off my e-mail list without even telling me why. I suspect they got a big bribe or the government was involved. I worked TWO YEARS to LEGALLY build that e-mail list and all that work and money up in smoke. – My last source of traffic. It’s been several months with no reply as to why they banned me. I was posting maybe TWICE a day with NON FABRICATED results. Mysteriously my Stocktwits account went up in smoke.

Funny thing about this situation is that only the government can do this to any website or any person. CIA? FBI? Who the fuck knows…when a government official doesn’t like you, they’ll do shit like this to you.

Understand that my content is incredibly powerful, and I don’t fabricate or make anything up. Not only do I have the ability to move the market and influence shit by my mere blog posts, but my trading is absolutely astonishing….again, if I fabricated this shit I’d already be in JAIL. Why would I risk that? I wouldn’t last one day in jail, so why would I risk it.