Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Could Begin a 70% Decline in the Next Few Weeks – TheStreet …Why I think this idiot is not only stupid but psychotic…and OIL BOTTOM?

The U.S. stock market is headed for a huge crash if this ominous technical pattern comes to fruition.

Source: Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Could Begin a 70% Decline in the Next Few Weeks – TheStreet

Again the bears are crying out due to market volatility and many short positions are still getting massacred after the huge rally from Aug 2015 to now..

Yes it’s been a very violent sideways pattern the past couple weeks due to plunging oil prices and terrorist attacks, but these are very minor bumps in the road…

I’ve been a huge bear on oil for over a year now since the decent began last summer…I hate oil more than any trading vehicle or commodity simply because terrorist organizations fuel their attacks with oil money…since 2001 it’s been that way, and in fact the last major bottom was in 2000-2001 since the 9/11 attacks..since that time oil and commodities experienced a huge bubble and crash, and the unwinding has started…

I’m about to state something that I never thought I’d want to state, but what I’m about to say is significant..oil is about to bottom..but I have semi-massacre targets before this would unfold…


I didn’t want to mention this because yes, I DESPISE OIL AND I WANT IT TO DIE..but on the oil futures chart on investing.com, it got a W4 up right to 382 at the 63-65 range before another descent to doom…

Here’s the thing..that was the w4 up which means we’re in a 5th wave …good news right? Well..kinda and not really…there are two 5th wave targets…W1 = W5 = 27-28 and 24-26 .618 X W1 + W3..so there’s still a lot of downside to go.

The last portion of the oil bottom would occur when $30 is breached and the panic sets in…the mid to upper 20’s is where I’m seeing oil finally bottoming..the impulse down from 111 was horrendously horrific..so nasty that it rivals the NASDAQ tech bubble that deflated over a decade ago..but the 4th wave DID form, which means we’re in a 5th wave down and that’s where bottoms form and corrections terminate…

The reversal many not be violent to the upside, but it could be enough to bring oil back to the 60-70 range again briefly on a 618 move..5 waves down usually is met with a 618 reversal..and this sustained move over $40 could help a lot in keeping oil companies alive..but it may stay in the $40-$60 range for a LONG LONG TIME and NOT bubble past 111 again. This is a commodity we’re talking about and governments tend to want to keep these prices in check..

Anyway, back to this bullshit “megaphone jaws of death” crap.
The reason I mention oil bottoming is because it needs to bottom here to help keep the overall bull market sustained…it’s the very reason the market has been volatile. But what I’m about to say is almost similiar to huge bullish calls I’ve made in the past…

S&P broke out, and although we’re sideways we’ve climbed out of a huge hole in August and are setting up for a 3 of 3…a really big 3 of 3 in fact..


Wave 3’s in long term big bull markets like the 80’s and 90’s are NOT the simple 1.618 version…they end up being 1.618 X the percentage gain of the bottom of W1..

The S&P shot up 2.04 X the low of 666 in the S&P to 1360, W2 retraced in 2011 in a flat, and the huge extended 3rd wave we’ve since since late 2011 has been going on for a long time..

But it’s about to get MUCH longer…the chart that you’re seeing details the CORRECT wave pattern…first wave 666 to 1360, 1360 to 1090 in W2 and the Wave 3 which we’ve been seeing sine that W2 low of 1090…my target is way higher than most, but due to the history of long term bull markets, I’m going towards the 1.618 X the percentage gain (low of w1) = 3.30 move.

That 3.30 X the low of W2 (1090) move would mean that we’re going to see a 3 of 3 of 3 to as high as 3500-3600 in the coming years..that’s right… that formula is the correct formula for bull market 3 of 3’s and 3rd waves…

The jaws of death bullshit has been stated over and over again since 2012, and it’ll never develop..because this isn’t a fucking 5th wave it’s a huge extended Wave 3.

3500-3600 is my target here, and coinciding with a oil and commodity bottom coming up, the start of something so huge that it’s almost unfathomable.

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